Monday, December 20, 2004

Extending the boundaries of Skype

On the surface, Skype is a tehnology that enables calling others for free using a computer. In his blog, Om Malik has identified futher uses of Skype.

Skype is adding collaboration features like chat and voicemail which make it more useful and a viable replacement for a telephone. People have been writing useful extensions for Skype. One sucj application is Jyve, which enables a users website to collect Skype information from visitors for their own directory.

Looking at the future, Skype has many uses. one of which may be a revolution in the call centre industry. Companies can save a bunch of money to use Skyple(-like) technology to position their call centre users across the globe and redirect calls to the appropriate location using VoIP. They can even create a communication channel with customers by creating an option for customers to leve callbak numbers for the companies to offer their exciting new products. The possibilities are endless.


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