Thursday, December 23, 2004

More news on Google

A new worm Santy.A was using Google search engine to identify potential sites to attack. Google has managed to put up filters to stop the worm spreading on the same day itself. Read more about it in the articles below.

When the Santy.A worm started spreading on Tuesday, Mikko Hypponen knew he had a way to stop the worm in its tracks. The only problem: He had trouble finding the right people to talk to at Google.
Google's search for security

A Web worm that identifies potential victims by searching Google is spreading among online bulletin boards using a vulnerable version of the program phpBB, security professionals said on Tuesday.
Net worm using Google to spread

Google has responded to calls from antivirus companies to stop the advance of an Internet worm that was using the search engine's technology to spread among online bulletin boards.
Google squashes Santy worm


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