Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Web site designs using CSS

In today's age of competition, packaging is as important as the product. A great product is useless without eye-catching presentation and effective marketing. If you are like the growing number of bushiness community, you will display your products on a web site. How do you tell a good web site from a bad one?

CSS Vault to the rescue. This is a site that explores good web site designs using the CSS technology. CSS is a way to skin websites so that you can change the look and feel completely without changing the content. For example, all the L&F for this site is generated automatically using a template provided by Blogger. So is the L&F for my other blog. My friend TNO has his other blog here. As of today, it shares the same L&F as my site with a few minor changes done by me to my site.

Consider using CSS exhaustively to design your web site so it helps you with continuous improvement without wasting time.

CSSVault - The Web's CSS Site


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